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Customer Support
Appointech’s customers are our top priority. No order is too small. We provide prompt delivery of all order and offer time-efficient technical consultation when needed. Whatever your project and production needs are, Appointech, Inc. is here to provide the highest level of service available.
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For all Technical and Customer Support issues, please contact us at the following. We will respond to all requests in a timely manner. You can also submit your questions in the contact form below.

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Device Handling Precautions
  • To insure stable operation, all the devices should be operated only within the range of absolute maximum ratings given in the data sheets.
  • The devices can be damaged by static electricity. Use static electricity countermeasures when handling :
  • The operator should be grounded using a wrist strap.
  • The measuring equipment, workbench, tools, soldering iron, etc. should all be grounded.
  • When transporting the devices, they should be carried in an anti-static container.
  • The storage container should be made of materials that do not hold static charge. It should not be subjected to strong vibration or mechanical shock .
  • The optical output from the laser diode is invisible to the eye. Do not view the laser light either directly or through a lens system.
  • The laser diode can be damaged by spike and surge currents. A surge protection circuit should be incorporated in the current driver. The driving current should be adjusted slowly.
  • For the lead forming, bend the leads at least 2 mm from the edge of the package without any force to the devices.
  • Short circuits or power failures during operation may cause damage to the laser diode.
  • Optical fiber used in these products is subject to breakage, and the fiber fragments have the potential to pierce skin or other tissues, and to cause damage to the eyes. Persons handling these products should wear eye protection and use appropriate caution when working with optical fiber, and should be careful when discarding fiber fagments or clippings.
  • Excessive force (pulling, twisting, bending) applied to the fiber may result in a break or damage.
  • An unclean fiber or connector may cause decreased transmitted optical power. To clean, use an air blower or wipe gently with a lint-free paper moistened with ethanol.
  • Do not connect or disconnect the fiber connector during laser operation.