About Us

Welcome to Appointech, Inc.

Appointech, Inc. provides high quality designs and cost-effective manufacturing capabilities of fiber optic modules for the fast growing fiber-optic communication industry. Our technical team members are specialized in optics, laser, and electro-optic technologies for fiber-optic communication. Each key member has over twenty years of R&D experience during work at major US companies and abroad.

Complete Line of Fiber Optic Components

Appointech was founded in June 1998, and acquired by MRV Communications in January 2001. In addition to being a leading supplier of Fiber Optic Components to communication equipment manufacturers worldwide, Appointech is also specialized in the design of handheld Fiber Optic Test Instruments. We also offer custom designs, and welcome OEM and ODM requests.

Quality Assurance

Appointech is devoted to the philosophy of TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT. We are ISO 9001 certified. (No. 63691)


Our major product lines include OSA modules of LD, LED, PIN and PIN-TIA; transceiver modules for ATM, SONET /SDH, and Giga-bit Ethernet; and test instruments such as stabilized LED, LD light sources, and power meters. All products are guaranteed to be of high quality and competitive price.

We also offer custom designs and package services, OEM, and ODM.

Customer Support

Appointech’s customers are our top priority. No order is too small. We provide prompt delivery of all order and offer time-efficient technical consultation when needed. Whatever your project and production needs are, Appointech, Inc. is here to provide the highest level of service available.